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    New Material
    Hunan Aerospace New Material Technology Inst.
    Hunan Aerospace Magnet & Magneto Co., Ltd.
    Aerospace Science and industry Wuhan magnetoelectric Co.Ltd.
    Hunan Aerospace Sanfeng Science & Industry Co., Ltd.
    Company Profile
    Changsha Advanced Materials Industrial Research Institute ( Hereafter referred to as Research Institute), was founded by Hunan Aerospace Limited Liability Company in China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation and Changsha government together with 100 million CNY registered capital.At present, Research Institute has 50 staffs, including one Thousand Youth Talents Program applicant (The second group of Thousand Youth Talents Program applicants selected by Central Organization Department) and nine PhDs. Research Institute “Based in Hunan, facing the world and demand traction”, is an open platform , which is positioned on advanced materials industrial generic technology and the key technology research and development, achievement transformation, business incubation ,technical service and talent cultivation. Research Institute takes operation mode of light assets. At early stage, the places for offices, research , tests and incubation are rented. According to the demand, condition constructions will be performed. When conditions of incubation results are mature, research institute will promote the development of industrial construction. Research Institute insists on the ideas of “government guidance, market domination, diversified investment, collaborative innovation and seeking development” and mainly carries out three business segments including development of advanced materials and applied technology, special equipment development and industrial incubation. Through 3-5 year efforts, research institute will be built as an advanced material research and developing leading enterprise in center south area and an advanced material industrial incubation platform. Through industrial incubation, a number of advanced materials key enterprises will be fostered and advanced material industrial cluster will be promoted to develop.
    PI powders PI bearing
    2.Light Alloy
    Vibrating diaphragm on speaker Surface treatment on magnesium alloy
    3.Additive Manufacturing Metallic Powder
    Porous part 3D Printing part
    Photic-driving material Conductive circuit
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