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    Environmental System
    Aerospace Kaitian Encironmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Company Profile

    Kaitian environmental group was founded in 1998 our company is mainly engaged in industrial environmental management (particulate matter/PM 2.5 treatment), denitration, desulfurization, demercurationtreatment,heavy metal waste water treatment, soilrecovery, smalltown sewage treatment, rural environment management etc. We are a comprehensive environmental services provider including R&D, manufacture, engineering design, construction and operation.Kaitian environmental group consists of 5 divisions, 12 filiales, 10 subsidiarycompanies,1research institute and 4 industrial parks Changsha environmental protection industrial park, Xingsha industrial park, Zhuzhou environmental protection industrial park, Hexi Lugu industrial park.

    Through many years of technology cooperation with companies from all around the world(France, UK, German, US and so on), our products and systems engineering capabilities have reached the advanced international level, our main products are applied in locomotive, automobile, heavy industrial, steel, shipbuilding, tobacco and more than 200 industry sectors.

    Thecompanypossessestheoverallplantstratifiedairsupply,steelindustryelectricbag composite dust collector and more than 150 patented technologies. The group has now become the leader and the standard setter of the domestic PM 2.5 treatment, environmental health and safety area and heavy metal pollution treatment area, also we are the only owner of the stratified air supply technology.

    Ourvisionis"setupthecenturyenterpriseandcreatetheworldbrand",willcontinuouslyimportworldclass environmental ideas and technologies, to build national key laboratories, technique centers and nation environmental monitoring service center. Our final goal is becoming the world-class ecological environment management center.

    website: www.kaitiangroup.com/en/index.html
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