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    Hunan Aerospace Economic Development Co.,Ltd.
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    Hunan Aerospace Hospital
    Company Profile

    Hunan Aerospace Hospital which affiliated to China aerospace science and industry group Hunan aerospace co., LTD, is a modern large-scale general public hospital integrating medical education, medical research, health care and rehabilitation as well as a key center for medical treatment. It supplies 1030 beds, mainly serving to almost million patients in Xiangjiang River new restrict of Changsha city in Hunan province.

    We provide 35 clinical departments. Orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics are among the top in relative district.

    With fully equipment, We own more than 30 advanced medical instruments, including 3.0T Nuclear magnetic resonance, 64 row spiral CT, Vascular imaging digital subtraction angiography (DSA), Linear accelerator and so on, each of them values more than one million.

    Hunan Aerospace Hospital has been granted the "Publicly Reliable Model Hospital in China" by The Chinese medical association. It is the fixed-point institutions of Medical insurance for local people, also the constitution of 120 emergency medical center of Changsha.

    We shoulder the responsibility of “Provide the quality and convenient services to people”, and sticks with "diligence, practicability, enhancement, self-improvement ", goals to build a reliable, satisfied and acknowledgeable platform.

    Address: No.189 Fenglin Three Rd, Yuelu Changsha, Hunan, China
    Zip Code: 410205
    Bus: Hunan Aerospace Hospital station of 902,315, W209
    Subway: Mei Xihu east station of line 2
    Emergency Call: 0731-88935120 or 88149120
    Website: www.hnhtyy.com.cn
    WeChat: hnhtyy722

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